Ml Imraan ibn Dawood

Every person encounters some form of sickness during the course of his or her life. For a muslim, Allah has made sickness a means of great rewards and blessings. It is also a swift and speedy medium of attaining a very special relationship and close bond with Allah. However, many misunderstand the reality of sickness. They view their plight as a misfortune or as an expression of the anger of Allah, and thereby fall prey to depression and misery.

This booklet aims to explain the Islamic perspective of sickness, providing solace and encouragement to the sick and clarifying what man’s reaction ought to be when Allah tests him/her with sickness. This has been done in the light of the Qur’an, Hadith and incidents from the lives of the friends of Allah.

This booklet is in reality a gift to my sick fellow muslim brothers and sisters who are certainly very special in the eyes of Allah. It will Insha-Allah serve to encourage them and link them to their Creator during this difficult time. If the sick person is able, he/she may read it himself, otherwise close family members or friends should read it for him/her.

May Allah accept this weak effort from me and make it a means of great benefit to all those who are afflicted by sickness and the entire muslim Ummah.

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