• The Virtues Of I’tikaaf

    Post date: Sun, 18/09/1444 - 17:34
    If i’tikaaf is done solely for the pleasure of Allaah Ta’ala, it is a very high and noble ibaadat. The author of Nurul-Idaah, Shaikh Hasan Ibn Ali Shurumbulaali (rahimahullaah) states, “I’tikaaf is proven from the Qur’aan and Sunnah. It is amongst the most virtuous of acts when done with Ikhlaas (sincerity). From amongst its benefits is that the heart becomes free from the matters of... more
  • Sunnat Practices of Qiyaamul-Layl and Tahajjud

    Post date: Sat, 17/09/1444 - 09:20
    1) Intention for Tahajjud: Before sleeping, one should make an intention to wake up for Tahajjud. If one is unable to awaken, then he will still receive the reward of having performed Tahajjud. 2) Method of awakening for Tahajjud a) Sit up and rub the eyes thrice. b) Make any form of zikr c) Recite the last eleven verses of Surah Aal-Imraan from verse: 190 till the end. At least... more
  • Eleven Great Virtues Of Fasting

    Post date: Thu, 15/09/1444 - 13:53
    Fasting, like Salaat and Zakaat, is fundamental institution of Islam. The Fardh fasting is a practice of vital importance. Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo states in the Noble Qur’aan, “O people of Imaan! Fasting has been decreed compulsory for you.” (Baqarah verse 183)  The importance of fasting is abundantly established by numerous narrations of the Qur’aan and Hadith. Abu Umaamah... more
  • Different Levels Of Fasts

    Post date: Thu, 15/09/1444 - 11:08
    To gain the maximum from one’s fast, one should try to gain perfection in one’s fast. whilst Imam Ghazali Rahimahullaah writes, “As for the quality of fasts, they are also of 3 types: 1. To suffice with abstaining from eating, drinking, and fulfilling sexual desires. However, one does not prevent his limbs from engaging in sin. This is the fast of the general masses. This type of fasting is... more
  • The Benefits of Fasting

    Post date: Thu, 15/09/1444 - 10:58
    Shah Wali’ullaah Rahimahullaah has stated the following six benefits of fasting: 1.) Fasting is a great act of virtue by which the angelic qualities of a person are strengthened and animalistic qualities are weakened. There is nothing more effective than fasting in polishing the face of one’s spirituality and overpowering the Nafs. The following Hadith makes it evident that fasting is a great... more
  • Masaail Of Fasting In Brief (In Accordance To The Hanafi Madhab)

    Post date: Thu, 15/09/1444 - 10:53
    1.) Fasting in the month of Ramadhaan is one of the five pillars of Islaam, which is fardh (compulsory) upon every Muslim, male and female, who is sane and mature. 2.) Fasting has many physical, moral, and social benefits. The main object of fasting is to inculcate taqwa. 3.) Fasting means to abstain from eating, drinking and cohabitation from subh saadiq (early dawn) to sunset with the... more
  • Intention When Fasting - Imaan And Ihtisaab

    Post date: Thu, 15/09/1444 - 10:48
    Rasulullaah SalAllaahu Alaihi Wasallam said, “Whoever fasts in the month of Ramadhaan with imaan and ihtisaab, all his past sins are forgiven.” (Bukhaari no. 1901, Muslim no. 760) The Muhadditheen generally say that the word ‘imaan’ means that the person engaging in worship on this night should have Imaan; he should truly believe in Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo and His messenger and he should be... more
  • Five Pillars

    Post date: Thu, 15/09/1444 - 10:41
    Ibn ‘Umar RadhiAllaahu Anhu narrates that Rasulullaah SalAllaahu Alaihi Wasallam said, “Islam is based on five pillars: testifying that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah, establishing salaah, giving zakaah, undertaking the pilgrimage (hajj) to the House [Ka‘bah], and fasting in Ramadhaan.” (Bukhaari no. 8, Muslim no. 16,  Tirmidhi no. 2609... more
  • Commentary on the Qaseedah Burdah - Part 9

    Post date: Fri, 01/05/1444 - 11:08
    A Few Virtues of Madinah Munawwarah Rasulullaah SalAllaahu Alaihi Wasallam said, 1.) “…and Madinah is better for them; if they but knew. By Him in whose control my life lies, he who spitefully leaves Madinah, Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo will replace him with one who is better than him. Behold, Madinah is like a furnace. It expels the dirt. Qiyaamah will not take place until Madinah will expel... more
  • The Beautiful Names of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo: Al - Khaaliq (The Creator) and Al - Baari (The Perfect Maker) - Part 2

    Post date: Tue, 20/04/1444 - 15:17
    THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE IS ALLAAH JALLA JALAALAHOO ALONE The Qur’aan with great stress and in detail has informed the people, and it wants to create conviction in their hearts that Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo has created the entire universe and has brought it from non-existence into existence. It is only Him that runs all the systems of this universe without the assistance and partnership of... more