• The Beautiful Names of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo: Al - Khaaliq (The Creator) and Al - Baari (The Perfect Maker) - Part 1

    Post date: Wed, 16/03/1444 - 00:22
    Hafez Ibn Katheer Rahimahullaah states, “The meaning of خلقis to make something according to a plan and برء means to fulfill and implement what one has decided and to bring it into existence.  Besides Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo, none is able to always plan, give sequence to something and then have the ability to implement it and bring it into existence.”  Just as Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo... more
  • The Rights Of Rasulullah SallAllaahu Alayhi Wasallam

    Post date: Tue, 08/03/1444 - 13:30
    Allaah Ta’ala declares, “The Nabi has a greater right over the believers than themselves.” (Ahzaab). Hereunder are a few rights which we should try to fulfil: Imaan bir Rasul (Belief): Allaah Ta’ala states, “Thus believe in Allah, His messenger, and the Light which We have revealed.” To believe in Nabi SallAllaahu Alayhi Wasallam as the final messenger is binding for the completion of... more
  • The Beautiful Names of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo: Al - Mutakabbir (The Greatest)

    Post date: Tue, 01/03/1444 - 14:08
    1. Imaam Ghazaali Rahimahullaah says, “Al-Mutakabbir is that Being who sees all others as small in relation to himself. He only sees grandeur and greatness in himself. He looks at others just as a king looks towards his servants. If this feeling is correct, the person is worthy of being called Mutakabbir.  This quality can only be found in the Being of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo. If this... more
  • Jadu, Jinn And Superstition

    Post date: Tue, 23/02/1444 - 13:10
    All praise be to Allaah Ta’ala and may peace and salutations be upon our august master, Hadrat Muhammed (SallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam), through whom Allaah Ta’ala taught us tauheed (true monotheism) and through whom Allaah Ta’ala refuted and negated all superstition and baseless thoughts. During the era of ignorance, prior to the approach of the month of Safar, the people would become worried... more
  • Commentary on the Qaseedah Burdah - Part 8

    Post date: Wed, 17/02/1444 - 23:15
    أَمْ هَبَّـتِ الرِّيْحُ مِنْ تِلْقَآءِ كَاظِمَـةٍ وأَوْمَضَ الْبَرْقُ فِي الظَّلْماءِ مِنْ إِضَمِ 2/2. Or is it because of the breeze blowing from Kaazimah? Or is it because of the lightning (that has) struck in the darkness of the night from the valley of Idham?   Kaazimah is either: 1. Madinah Munawwarah - Madinah is called Kaazimah since its people have control and forbearance... more
  • The Beautiful Names of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo: Al - Jabbaar (The One who Remedies All Wrong, Th Exalted)

    Post date: Mon, 15/02/1444 - 15:55
    1. Jabbaar is something so lofty which one cannot reach. Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo is that Being Who is far above one’s thoughts and understanding. All intelligentsia and ulamaa, are deficient in understanding His Reality. 2. Jabbaar refers to the person who mends something. It is derived from the word جبر الكسر (He mended the broken bone) and جبر الفقير (He fulfilled the needs of the poor/... more
  • The Beautiful Names of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo: Al - Azeez (The Overpowering)

    Post date: Tue, 09/02/1444 - 16:08
    Azeez can be derived from one of the following words: A. Azeez refers to something matchless and unique. When something is scarce, the Arabs say : عز الطعام في البلد “Food is scarce in the city.” So, when the creation is referred to as Azeez, when they are scarce, then Allaah (Jalla Jalaalahoo) is Most Worthy of being referred to as Azeez, as there is nothing similar to Him.   B... more
  • The Beautiful Names of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo: Al - Muhaimin (The Being who Protects Everything)

    Post date: Tue, 25/01/1444 - 00:12
    1. Al-Muhaimin is the Name of that Being Who is Characterized by 3 qualities: a. He  Possesses Knowledge of all the conditions of everything . b. He  has Full Power to Grant benefits to those things. c. He  is Continuously Able to Grant those benefits.  The Being Who encompasses all three qualities is named ‘Al-Muhaimin’, and none but Allaah (Jalla Jalaalahoo)  ... more
  • Commentary on the Qaseedah Burdah - Part 7

    Post date: Thu, 20/01/1444 - 01:02
    Hereunder are some incidents of our elders who were true lovers of Rasulullaah SallAllaahu Alayhi Wasallam. Following in the footsteps of the Sahaabah RadhiAllaahu Anhum, they held even those things connected to Rasulullaah SallAllaahu Alayhi Wasallam in great esteem.  1.) It was the habit of Shah Abdul Qaadir Raipuri Rahimahullaah that when going to Madinah Munawwarah that he would tell... more
  • The Beautiful Names of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo: Al - Mu'min (Giver of Assurance and Safety)

    Post date: Mon, 17/01/1444 - 23:15
    Mu’min comes from the word amaan which means: 1. To attest or confirm or 2. To grant safety. If the first meaning is taken, Al-Mu’min (Jalla Jalaalahoo) is He (Jalla Jalaalahoo) Who : a.  Affirms His Own Existence (Jalla Jalaalahoo), in His (Jalla Jalaalahoo) Book, and by means of clear signs. b. Affirms the truthfulness of the Ambiyaa (Alayhis Salaam) through different... more