• Summary of the Quraan Majeed - Day 22

    Post date: Fri, 20/09/1443 - 10:54
    Day 22 +/- 5 Minutes read TWENTY-THIRD PÂRA At the end of the 22nd pâra, mention has already been made of those Ambiyâ who were sent for the guidance of people of a certain town. However, they were not ready to follow the road of guidance. When the townspeople falsified all three Ambiyâ, one person from amongst the inhabitants of that place, whose name the commentators have mentioned as... more
  • Summary of the Quraan Majeed - Day 21

    Post date: Thu, 19/09/1443 - 15:43
    Day 21 +/- 5 Minutes read TWENTY-SECOND PÂRA In the last few verses of the 21st pâra, the pure wives of Nabî صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم are addressed. Since this address continues in the 22nd pâra, it was not touched on in the 21st pâra. It was felt that these verses should be mentioned together. The background of these verses has been mentioned in the Ahâdîth, that when the era of... more
  • Summary of the Quraan Majeed - Day 20

    Post date: Thu, 19/09/1443 - 15:39
    Day 20 +/- 5 Minutes read TWENTY-FIRST PÂRA The important points of Sûrah Ankabût mentioned in the 21st pâra are as follows: (1) In the first verse of the 21st pâra, which is the 45th verse of Sûrah Ankabût, a command has been given to make tilâwat of the book of Allâh سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى and to be punctual with salâh. The benefit of salâh mentioned, is that it prevents one from... more
  • Summary of the Quraan Majeed - Day 19

    Post date: Thu, 19/09/1443 - 15:37
    Day 19 +/- 5 Minutes read TWENTIETH PÂRA The twentieth pâra commences with mention of 5 proofs of Allâh سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى’s power and oneness. All five are mentioned in an interrogative mode. First proof : Is that Allâh سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى who has created the heavens and earth and who has sent down rain from the skies, creating beautiful and lush gardens better or those partners... more
  • Summary of the Quraan Majeed - Day 18

    Post date: Tue, 17/09/1443 - 15:48
    Day 18 +/- 5 Minutes read NINETEENTH PÂRA Sûrah Furqân Sûrah Furqân is a Makkî sûrah. It has 77 verses and 6 rukûs. The first two rukûs of this sûrah are found in the eighteenth pâra. The sûrah begins with mention of the Qur’ân regarding which the mushrikîn levelled different types of doubts and which they falsified. One group regarded it as fables of past nations. Another group claimed... more
  • Summary of the Quraan Majeed - Day 17

    Post date: Mon, 16/09/1443 - 17:43
    Day 17 +/- 5 Minutes read EIGHTEENTH PARA Sûrah Mu’minûn The 18th pâra commences with Sûrah Mu’minûn. This is a Makkî sûrah. It has 118 verses and 6 rukûs. In this sûrah, the principles of dîn are discussed. In the beginning nine verses, seven such qualities of the believers have been mentioned due to which they will become worthy of Jannatul-Firdaus. These seven qualities are mentioned... more
  • Summary of the Quraan Majeed - Day 16

    Post date: Sun, 15/09/1443 - 14:33
    Day 16 +/- 5 Minutes read SEVENTEENTH PARA Sûrah Ambiyâ The seventeenth pâra commences with Sûrah Ambiyâ which has 112 verses and 7 rukûs. The reason for its name is that approximately 17 Ambiyâ are mentioned in it. In Sahîh Bukhârî Hadhrat Abdullah Ibne Masûd رَضِيَ اللهُ عَنْهُ narrates, “Sûrah Banî Isrâ’îl, Kahf, Maryam, Tâhâ and Ambiyâ were amongst the early sûrahs to be revealed and... more
  • Summary of the Quraan Majeed - Day 15

    Post date: Sat, 14/09/1443 - 14:50
    Day 15 +/- 5 Minutes read SIXTEENTH PÂRA The remaining incident of Hadhrat Mûsa عَلَيْهِ السَّلَام and Khidr عَلَيْهِ السَّلَام are mentioned in the beginning of the 16th pâra. Thereafter Zul-Qarnayn is mentioned. The commentators have different views regarding him. Many have regarded Alexander Macedonî as Zul-Qarnayn. However, the correct view is that to regard Alexander as Zul-Qarnayn is... more
  • Summary of the Quraan Majeed - Day 14

    Post date: Fri, 13/09/1443 - 15:31
    Day 14 +/- 5 Minutes read FIFTHEENTH PÂRA Sûrah Isrâ This is a Makkî sûrah. It has 111 verses and 12 rukûs. Isrâ means to travel at night. This sûrah is called Sûrah Isrâ because mention of the incident of Mi’râj is made in this sûrah, wherein Nabî صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم was taken at night first from Masjidul-Harâm to Masjidul-Aqsâ and then from there to the heavens. This incident... more
  • Summary Of The Quraan Majeed - Day 13

    Post date: Thu, 12/09/1443 - 13:46
    Day 13 +/- 5 Minutes read FOURTEENTH PÂRA Sûrah Hijr Sûrah Hijr is a Makkî sûrah which has 99 verses and 6 rukûs. Since the inhabitants of the valley of Hijr i.e., nation of Thamûd is mentioned, this sûrah has been named Sûratul-Hijr. The valley of Hijr is situated between Madînah and Shâm (Syria). Only the first verse of this sûrah is in the thirteenth pâra. The remaining part of the... more