Ml Musa ibn Dawood

The ulamâ and pious predecessors have always played an active role in preserving, promoting and spreading the teachings of Islam. It is through their sacrifices that Islam has remained alive in South Africa. It is through the dedication, sacrifices and sincerity of these ulamâ that today Islam is still found live in this country, even though the Muslims consist of a minority population.

This book endeavours to highlight some of these scholars and their achievements. The object is for us to firstly realize and acknowledge that these are our benefactors. Secondly, it is our duty to remember them in our duâs. Thirdly, we should try to study their lives so that love for them can be created in our hearts. Fourthly, we should try to inculcate the sterling qualities, which they possessed. Fifthly, we should try to spread the dîn using their methodology and guidelines, as in this lies our complete success.