Ml Musa ibn Dawood

Translation of the introduction of the original book, written by Mufti Muhammad Shafi Uthmani Sahib:

My master, spiritual guide and leader, Hadrat Mujaddidul Millah, Hakimul-Ummah Hadrat Maulānā Ashraf ʿAlī Sāhīb, on witnessing the present evil condition and calamities engulfing the Muslims compiled a book entitled Hayātul-Muslimīn in which he collected those important deeds which have a special effect and power to remove Muslims from calamities and problems, as well as their evil worldly and religious condition. In the beginning of this book, a detailed mention is made that these calamities are the result of our sins, and the actual cure for this is to abstain from sins and to practice those actions mentioned therein.

Today, however, it is apparent that the oceans of sin are bubbling over. Majority of people are involved in them. It will definitely take time to ponder and plan how to remove them. Difficulties and problems have on the other hand surrounded Muslims from all corners. A thought passed this useless one’s mind that there are many actions in the Ahādīth mentioned, which serve as an expiation for sins. These actions could immediately be put into practice with easiness. I have thus gathered all of these Ahādīth in this booklet and I have named it ʿIlājul-Khutūb bi Mukaffirātu dh Dhunūb. For blessings and easiness, it was seen appropriate to add it as a supplement to Hayat ul Muslimīn. Thus, it seemed suitable to also name it Najāt ul Muslimīn (Salvation for the Muslims).