Ml Musa ibn Dawood

A translation of a book written by Hadhrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi Sahib with regards to the attacks launched by the devil at the time when one is about to leave this world. In the introduction Mufti Sahib writes:

For a long time now, after reading some narrations and incidents of our pious predecessors regarding Shaytân appearing in front of them at the time of death and making effort to lead them astray at this crucial time, the thought has come to mind to gather these narrations in a booklet and to write those measures which have been narrated to save one from the schemes of this enemy of îmân and life. However engagements and preoccupations did not grant me an opportunity, and this intention, like many other intentions did not go beyond a thought. On the 19th of Zul Qa’dah, my respected uncle Maulânâ Muhammad Na’îm Sâhib Deobandî passed away. For about one and a half hours before his final breath, I witnessed him having a debate with Shaytân. This was the first time my eyes had witnessed such an astonishing incident. This amazing incident and grief for my uncle renewed old thoughts. At that time, these few pages were written. I penned down regarding the above mentioned point (i.e. Shaytân trying to deceive and the way to be saved) whatever was easy for me. Thereafter I gathered together a concise biography of Hadrat Maulânâ so that lesson can be derived. This booklet has been added at the end with the name “An-naîmul-Muqîm”.