Ml Musa ibn Dawood

Every nation has some method of greeting when meeting one another, but if one really has to compare, the best form of doing this is the Islaamic method. It is not only an expression of attachment and love, but it is a fulfilment of the obligation of love, by supplicating to Allaah , to save the person from any calamity or unpleasant situation. It contains the subtle message that we are all dependant upon Allaah , and that everything happens by his will. From this perspective, it serves as a reminder about Allaah , for the Muslim brother. It is indeed the most comprehensive and perfect method of salutation.

There are great benefits in salaam. However, due to external influences, we have abandoned this method of greeting, and chosen other methods. In this booklet, prepared under the instruction of my honourable ustadh and Shaikh, Moulana Abdul Hameed Ishaq Saheb, virtues, importance, rulings, ettiquettes and other aspects of salaam will be discussed. We make duaa to Allaah that He accepts this effort, and makes it a means for the revival of this great sunnah of Rasulullaah Sallalahu Alaihi wa Sallam.