Ml Musa ibn Dawood
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It is clear from history and from the religious literature of different groups that belief in the existence of a Supreme Being has always existed in the people. In every age, and in every people, it has been accepted that this world has a Creator, and that He has great power. Therefore, the call and teachings of the messengers who were sent to different people at different times, stressed the Oneness of that Deity. They did not feel the need to stress the actual existence of a Supreme Deity. The reason for this is that for almost the whole of mankind, His  actual existence is an accepted fact, and the existence of a Creator of the universe is as natural and self-evident a fact as a person’s own existence.

Therefore, this error has never been very widespread among mankind. However, in recent times, the atheistic movements have been very successful in promoting their ideologies. An immense change is occurring on university campuses. The popularisation of atheistic publications and propaganda through social media, combined with fervent activism, have increased an environment of intellectual challenge and peer pressure. Any Muslim who is not equipped with the adequate spiritual, intellectual and theological tools to address these challenges can be misguided onto the irrational path of denying the Divinity. Atheism is not merely a figment of imagination, which is not based on any proof whatsoever, but a sinister tool of Shaytaan to lure people away from the truth.

This booklet has been compiled to equip the reader with an understanding of this poisonous arrow of the devil