Ml Musa ibn Dawood

Worldly difficulties are an inevitable part of life; they range from minor issues to fatal diseases and loss of loved ones. This booklet aims to help one see all difficulties in perspective, encourages complete trust in Allaah’s decisions and perseverance. By defining the mandatory belief of taqdeer (predestination) that, “Whatever happened to you, could not have missed you,” this treatise reminds the reader that worldly difficulties are a trial for the believers, along with affirming that many-a-time afflictions result from one’s sins and disobedience to Allaah. The booklet also illustrates how appropriate behaviour and a correct attitude can change an adversity into a worthwhile opportunity to achieve Allaah’s Pleasure through sabr and duaa, and how impatience, panic and complaining will only worsen one’s situation. Finally, emphasis is made on calling upon Allaah Alone to ease one’s affairs.

This booklet was prepared after the rioting and looting that took place in the KZN province, resulting in crippled businesses, lost livelihood and life efforts. After having come across a booklet titled “Worldly difficulties – reality, causes and benefits” I was inspired to compile a booklet of my own with the hope that it would provide comfort and solace, hope and guidance to all our afflicted brothers and sisters. Along with teachings of our pious predecessors I have also included some notes by my younger brother, Ml. Imraan Kajee. I have quickly gathered this information in this booklet. I hope that this booklet will bring solace and comfort to people as they struggle to manage the difficulties of life. I ask Allaah to adorn this humble effort with acceptance and grant comfort to all those who are suffering. All success is from Allaah.