By the grace of Almighty Allah, the following books, compiled by MI Ridwan Kajee, have recently been published 

  1. Spiritual Lessons Derived From Surah al Kahf (R50)
  2. Dhu al Qarnayn and the Ya'juj and Ma'juj (R40)
  3. Understanding the Mahdi (R35)
  4. The secrets of the Holy Lands (R25)
  5. Lessons from the Life of Salah ad-Din al Ayyubi (R20)
  6. Waking up to the Threat of the Devil (R15)
  7. Spiritual Light vs Material Might (R20)
  8. Presents of Paradise Part 3 (compiled by MI Imraan Kajee) (R25) 
  9. Healing Wounded Hearts Part 1/2/3 (R50)
  10. Ilm, worldly knowledge and secular knowledge (R15)
  11. Presents of Paradise Part 1/2 (R40)
  12. Who are the Women of the Quraan (R25)
  13. Finding Solace during sickness (R15)
  14. We owe it to the Quraan (R20) 

Note: above excludes courier fee. 

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