Ml Imraan ibn Dawood

Women have played an undeniably unique role in the history of Islam. They have always worked as silent servants of Islam, holding a significant position in spiritually uplifting and creating an Islamic awareness in every Muslim society. A society whose women have turned rotten is bound for destruction. Likewise a society whose women possess qualities of Imaan, piety, Allah-consciousness, belief in the Aakhirah and good character are surely on the road to success and prosperity, and should look forward to progress and a bright future. The contribution of women to a sound and stable society is far greater than that of the men. It is such women who inculcate admirable qualities in the hearts of their sons and daughters, and sow the seeds to a bright future for every community. For this reason, Islam has always given great importance to the religious education of women, and has stressed the importance of tarbiyah (spiritual development) for females. Incidents of the people of the past contains great lesson for one and all, and its study is a beautiful method of reforming oneself. The great women who will be discussed in this book are all ideal role-models, who every Muslim woman should endeavour to imitate and follow in their footsteps. This book will Insha-Allah prove beneficial and inspirational to all young girls and womenfolk who study it.

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