Fath refers to opening a door. That is why a key is referred to as miftaah (instrument to open.) Thus, Al-Fattaah is that Being Who opens the Doors of Sustenance and Mercy for His Servants.

He Solves their intricate matters and Opens avenues for them. He Opens their hearts and their internal eyes, so that they can recognize the truth.
Another person has stated, “Al-Fattaah is that Being Who does not close the Doors of Bounties due to sin, and He does not halt bestowing Favours on man, by him forgetting  Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo.”

Others have said :

“Al-Fattaah is that Being who Opens the hearts of the believers with His Recognition and He Opens the Doors of His Forgiveness for the sinners."

Al-Fattaah is He Who (opens) Solves all difficulties and problems. 

Al-Fattaah is He Who Opens the heart for the acceptance of truth. 

Al-Fattaah is He Who Makes knowledge flow on the tongues. 

Al-Fattaah is He Who removes the veils from the eyes by means of knowledge. 

Al-Fattaah is He Who Judges between the people of truth and falsehood. 

Al-Fattaah is He who Makes Apparent the truth of the truthful ones and Who Exposes to all the reality of the liars.


Allamah Khattaabi states, “Al-Fattaah is the Being who arbitrates between His Servants.” This is because He Opens and Separates the truth from falsehood.

Shaikh Ahmad Ibn Abu Ghaalib Rahimahullaah was a pious person of the sixth century. People would come to him to request duaas. Once a person came to him and said requested: “Ask so-and-so to give me that item.” 
Shaikh Ahmed Rahimahullaah said, “My brother! Stand with me! Why don’t we perform two raka’ts of salaah and ask Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo only? Why should an Open Door be left and why should we turn to closed doors?”
Definitely the doors of Al-Fattaah are Open at every moment. It is due to the weakness of our imaan and conviction that we desert His Door, and we stand disgraced by the closed doors of the creation.

The famous taabi’i, Sayyiduna Ataa Ibn Abi Rabaah Rahimahullaah said : “Once, (Shaikh) Taaoos saw me going to a governor. He said to me:


یَا عَطَائُ! إِیَّاکَ أَنْ تَرْفَعَ حَوَائِجَکَ إِلٰی مَنْ أَغْلَقَ فِيْ وَجهِکَبَابَه 

وَأَقَامَ دُوْنَکَ حُجَّابَه

وإِنَّمَا اطْلُبْهَامِمَّنْأَشْرَعَلَکَأَبْوَابُه

وَطَالَبَکَ بِأَنْ تَدْعُوَهُ…وَوَعَدَکَبِالإِجَابَة


"O Ataa, abstain from placing your needs before the one who will close his door in your face .... and he who has kept door keepers at his door. Only ask of your need to the one who has kept His Doors open for you.  He asks you to call unto Him, and He has Promised to answer you (i.e., to accept your duas).