• First Ten Days Of Zul Hijjah

    Post date: Mon, 30/11/1444 - 12:02
    The significance of these days and nights can be gauged from the fact that Allaah Ta’ala Himself took an oath on them: “I swear by the dawn, and by the Ten Nights.” (Surah Fajr) Many Sahaabah and others have explained that these ten nights refer to the first ten nights of Zul Hijjah. (Tafseer Ibn Katheer) Allaah Ta’ala takes an oath to show the importance of the thing upon which... more
  • Charging The Emergency Lights

    Post date: Fri, 27/11/1444 - 11:50
    Article by by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb (Rahmatullaah alayh) In these times of ‘Load Shedding, there are so many advertisements which market generators, emergency lights, gas stoves and whatever else that offers an instant or quick solution to power cuts. When load-shedding became the order of the day, the sales of all these products were so high, that it seemed as if everyone... more
  • Commentary on the Qaseedah Burdah - Part 12

    Post date: Fri, 27/11/1444 - 11:43
    Allamah Sha’raani Rahimahullaah writes, “One of the qualities of the pious predecessors was that they would feel great regret and would weep due to their inadequacy in fulfilling the rights of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo, so that perhaps Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo may have mercy on them. Abu Bakr RadhiAllaahu Anhu, Umar RadhiAllaahu Anhu and Abu Dardaa RadhiAllaahu Anhu possessed the highest level... more
  • The Beautiful Names of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo: Al - Musawwir (The Former of Shapes) - Part 3

    Post date: Mon, 23/11/1444 - 23:06
    PERFECTION OF LIMBS AND MEANS FOR THEIR PROTECTION Al-Musaawir  has created His creation with incalculable perfection, wisdom, and beauty. Understand this point in the light of these examples: 1) An animal cannot clean its ears. Therefore around its ears, countless strands of hair have been placed which does not allow dust particles and insects to enter. 2) The ears of chickens,... more
  • Earthquakes – A Reminder To Change Our Lives

    Post date: Sun, 22/11/1444 - 15:44
    Ponder over the events which occur around you and take lesson, for the intelligent one is he who takes lesson. 1.)  Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo makes clear to His servants with an earthquake a plain reality, that the kingdom of the heavens and the earth is in His Control and that He possesses full power over His servants. Some people may be astonished by materialistic objects, from various... more
  • Commentary on the Qaseedah Burdah - Part 11

    Post date: Fri, 20/11/1444 - 10:13
    The Sahaabah RadhiAllaahu Anhum too would easily cry, following in the footsteps of Rasulullaah SallAllaahu Alayhi Wasallam. 1.) Anas RadhiAllaahu Anhu narrates, “Rasulullaah SallAllaahu Alayhi Wasallam delivered a sermon to us. I never heard a sermon like it. He  said, ‘If you only knew what I know, you will laugh little and cry a lot.’ On hearing this, the Sahaabah RadhiAllaahu Anhum... more
  • The Beautiful Names of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo: Al - Musawwir (The Former of Shapes) - Part 2

    Post date: Tue, 17/11/1444 - 15:23
    THE MASTERPIECES OF AL-MUSAWWIR How graceful and beautiful are the natural sceneries of the mountains, the waterfalls, and the lakes! What beautiful flowers, what different shades in its different leaves, what equilibrium in its petals! In some places, small trees are lined up on mountains making it seem like a green carpet laid out for a long distance, and it is as if though silver is filled... more
  • Commentary on the Qaseedah Burdah - Part 10

    Post date: Thu, 12/11/1444 - 23:15
    فَمَا لِعَيْنَيْكَ إنْ قُلْتَ اكْفُفَا هَمَتَــا    وَمَا لِقَلْبِكَ إنْ قُلْتَ اسْتَفِقْ يَهِـمِ 3/3. What is the matter with your eyes, (the more) you tell them to stop (the more) they continue to flow? And what has happened to your heart, (the more) you say to it to come to its senses (the more) it is confused? If your crying is not due to the reasons mentioned, then... more
  • The Beautiful Names of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo: Al - Musawwir (The Former of Shapes) - Part 1

    Post date: Tue, 10/11/1444 - 00:35
    Allamah Khattaabi Rahimahullaah states: “Al-Musawwir is that Being who has created His creation in different forms so that they can recognize each other (and differentiate between each other). Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo says, ‘He fashioned you, then He beautified your forms’”. The meaning of Al-Musawwir  is the Former of Shapes  and the Maker of Forms . Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo has... more
  • The Beautiful Names of Allaah Jalla Jalaalahoo: Al - Khaaliq (The Creator) and Al - Baari (The Perfect Maker) - Part 3

    Post date: Mon, 02/11/1444 - 17:17
    THE SIGNS OF ALLAAH JALLA JALAALAHOO ’S POWER   A perceiving man sees the heavens. He sees the moon, sun, and stars. He perceives its light, heat, and coolness. He finds the earth beneath him. He sees gardens on earth. He sees fields and eats the fruit and grains which grow from it. He sees its beautiful flowers and smells its lovely fragrances. He uses countless things which are... more